Macromolecular Crystallography School    April 9-17 2013    Montevideo

Tutorial 1. Handling protein glycosylation using Coot and Refmac: Results

The correct final PDB-file will contain the following sugar residues. In all of them O1 atom will be removed.

NAG-A201, NAG-A202, BMA-A203, MAN-A204, MAN-A205

The final PDB-file will also contain LINKR records corresponding to the following covalent linkages.

(1) A112-ASN: ND2 C1 :NAG-A201
(2) A201-NAG: O4 C1 :NAG-A202
(3) A202-NAG: O4 C1 :BMA-A203
(4) A203-BMA: O3 C1 :MAN-A204
(5) A203-BMA: O6 C1 :MAN-A205

The final glycan stricture is shown below.